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Como 4.0

If you ever experienced the unique feeling a virtually endless swimming pool you do not want to miss it any more. Como 4.0 brings this sensation to even the smallest backyards. Measuring only four meters it packs all you need for your aquatic workout. The extra deep workout area rovides space for more than just swimming.

4 People
4 Seat
0 Lounge
4585 Liters
842 Kg
4000 x 2280 x 1310 mm / 157 x 90 x 52 inch
Design Your Cabinet
Product Features
1. Water Purify System

Water Purify System utilizes a hot tub circulation pump to maximize efficiency in spa heating and filtration. The hot tub circ pump moves water through the filtration system, filtering the water when the spa is not in use, ensures hot tub water remains filtered and heated evenly.

2. Pure Relaxing Hydro Massage System

Different angles of jets correspond to different body parts for different massage effects an arc-shaped design that is suitable for the relaxation of the human body.It also acts as a massage while allowing you to enjoy leisure and entertainment in the water.

3. XX Jets

XX Jets with nozzles add a decidedly upscale and distinctive look, have fully adjustable velocity with all types of Jets directional, rotatary…

4. Ergonomic Design

From the minute you sit down, you'll feel the difference. Our engineers created seats that complement the contour of your body, making it easy to relax, naturally. Once you're wrapped in comfort of the form fitting seats, strategic jet placement delivers targeted hydrotherapy from head to toe.

5. The Pro Top

A high density cover work together to maintain water temperature. Proper Insullation package suit for various climate are available for customization.

6. Sanitation Elements

The Ozone System releases a super fine mist that works with your sanitizer to kill bacteria and other organics. Your hot tub will require less maintenance and chemicals.

Product Specifications


4000 x 2280 x 1310

suit for






Cabinet Color

Shell Color

Dry Weight(kg)


Total Jets(without blower)

20 Pcs

Pumps 1

2 x 3.0HP, 2.5'' connection

Pumps 2

1 x 3.0HP, 2'' connection

Pumps 3

1 x Circulation Pump

Control System

YE-5 & IN.K806



Filtration System

2 x 50sf
External Heat Pump
External Heat Pump
World-class, quiet and efficient. Save up to 75% energy consumption in comparison with electric elements.
Premium Lighting System
Premium Lighting System
Illuminate your spa to suit your mood with our LED lighting systems. Whether you are looking for a romantic and soothing lighting backdrop, or a more dynamic and bright scene for a get-together, the choice is yours with our completely customisable lighting system.
Extreme Heat Lock System
Extreme Heat Lock System
The best isolation system in spa industry, easily save up to 70% power comsuption comparing traditional hot tubs.
Bluetooth Entertainment System
Bluetooth Entertainment System
Streamed from your spa, your favorite music never sounded so good! Awesome sound quality All in one audio system and power supply Full control of your audio from spa side.
UV sterilization System
UV sterilization System
UV spa disinfection is a cutting-edge, non-chemical process that uses germicidal UV light rays to sanitize hot tub water. Ultraviolet spa disinfection units emit a high intensity germicidal light ray that alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of targeted organisms such as algae, bacteria, and protozoa. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy also destroys organic matter found in hot tubs and spas, eliminating the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products.
Easy-Entry Stair
Easy-Entry Stair
Easy for everyone to climb in and out your spa, Bellagio Spa side stairs are designed to match your spa cabinet.
Wifi Control
Wifi Control
The Wifi Control eliminates all the complexities of connecting your spa to the Internet and transforms your smartphone or tablet, into your ultimate mobile remote control.
LED Cupholder
LED Cupholder
You will enjoy staying in our hot tubs.
Fountain and Waterfall
Fountain and Waterfall
Feel the pleasure to drink in our hot tubs.
Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket
Beer, soft drink, water, you will like to drink cold when your body is hot.